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Facts July 1, 2012

62 Facts about CL : 1. Her full  name is Lee Chae Rin 2. Her English name is Faith Lee. 3. She is the leader in 2NE1. 4. Born on February 26 , 1991 5. Her height is 162cm // 5’4 feet.  6.  Her Blood type is A.  7.  She is Catholic. 8.  She likes writing lyrics. 9.  Her favorite colors are Black & White. 1o.  She can speak  Japanese, French, Korean & English. 11. Her first stage performance was on SBS Gayo Daejun on December 29, 2007 with the YG family. 12. She is featuring in many songs, The First song was “Hot issue” from Bigbang 2nd mini album. 13.  Later she was featering with Uhm Jung Hwa , YGMA and more of the YG family. 14.  CL said on 2NE1TV that she can draw very well, but only when she’s drawing lion-bear, pig-rabbit, and duck-snake. She really can draw well!. 15. On a radio interview, CL revealed that she used to wear boy school uniform to school since they don’t have pants for girls. 16. Such fierce and baddass leader but actually owns a pink lollipop phone. 17. Her nickname when she was in Japan is Pig-rabbit (I wonder where did the Hong sisters got their inspiration for Pig-rabbit in You’re Beautiful). 18. CL-roo was coined for many terms such as “Ahh go go go!!!” & “Oh my Gawdddd” that she often used in 2NE1TV. 19. She used to live in Japan but left it for France when she was 9-10 years old. Not only until summer 2009 that she went back there for vacation during the filming of 2NE1TV. She revealed later on that it’s been 10 years since she was there. 20. She loves music and fashion. 21. Her favorite artists are Lauryn Hill and Madonna. 22. She has a little sister named Harin. 23. Her love for music came from her father. 24. She compose during her free time. 25. She’s Tam Tam’s birth mother. 26. CL’s long-time crush & ideal man is Teddy Park. 27. CL signature facial expression includes sticking out her tongue, pouting like a blowfish, and making a kissing face. 28. She has a sexy mole on her chest which was revealed due to her daring white outfit for Heartbreaker performance at 2009 SBS Gayo Daejun. 29. She’s a clean freak. 30. During her childhood years, she frequently traveled with her family, because of her father’s occupation as a Physics professor. 31.  It was revealed that CL’s father, Professor Lee Ki Jin is not only a physicist but also an author for children’s stories. 32. CL used to be a JYP trainee and shared dorms with Wonder Girls’ So Hee. She was said to be very close to both Ye Eunand So Hee. 33. She became a YG trainee in 2006 after she personally handed her demo to YG Entertainment. She was originally supposed to debut as a solo artist but eventually became the leader of 2NE1. 34. Her dream is to become an American rapper like Lil Kim. 35.   She is not really good with computer, but she does know how to use iTunes and use internet to search for pictures of Teddy. 36. She is in-charge of the overall cleaning and organizing of their living quarters. 37.  CL used to be a translator between local and foreign dancers. 38. She also knows other various dances, including jazz and ballet. 39 .  If given an opportunity, she wants to try to live in Egypt, Africa, and Greece. (Wow! Wanna go with you!). 40. Because the longest she ever slept is 20 hours, she was called as the “sleepy head of 2NE1! 41. CL never cries in front of 2NE1 members. 42. She gave one of the robots from “Can’t Nobody” MV to Teddy for his room. 43.   Her choice of coffee is Americano. 44. CL is attracted to things that have spikes. 45. She wrote her rap in G-Dragon’s track, “The Leaders”. 46. When CL came back to Korea, she barely knew any Korean, but said in an interview shown on 2NE1 TV that she is now most comfortable speaking Korean. 47. She learned Hip Hop from other dancers when she used to translate between local and foreign dancers. 48. She has lived in South Korea, Japan, France, and the United States. 49. As a teenager, her family took permanent residence again in South Korea where she auditioned for YG Entertainment and was accepted in 2006. 50.  She debuted with 2NE1 on 6 may 2009. 51. She is the bith mother of TamTam but Dara adobted tamtam from her. 52. She loves shopping. 53. On 2011 she was guest judge on Project Runway Korea (Onstyle) with designer, Jeremy Scott. 54. She appeared in Girlfriend (with 2NE1) (걸프렌즈) on 2009. 55. CL was called “Sky” because ciel means sky in French. 56. When CL was a JYP trainee, Jia (Miss A.) taught her how to freestyle rap in Chinese. 57. The hardest thing to do for her is to change a computer’s desktop background. Once, Dara changed Chae’s computer background into her picture and CL wanted to change it so bad but she freaked out cuz’ she doesn’t know how.(lol So cute!) 58. She recorded a demo for “Let’s Go Party” in full english, solo. 59. Reveals that the rumors about her going to clubs isn’t true. She prefers to stay at home rather than go outside and go clubbing. 60. On the Strong Heart YG Family Special, she confessed that she saw TOP’s body once at YG’s gym cuz’ she thought there was no one inside. 61. Revealed on an interview that one of the reasons why she participated in YG’s audition is because of 1TYM’s leader, Teddy. 62. She has a lot of friends during her highschool years and was very talkative.

67 Facts about Minzy : 1. her grandmother is Gong Okjin, A femous South Korean folk dancer. 2. she is born on 18 january 1994. 3. her grandmother calls her puppy. 4. she was scouted by YG himself. 5. minzy still dont know who posted her video on the YG site the video is from a dancing contest when she was in the 5th grade. 6. She joined YG entertainment when she was in the 6th grade. 7. her family moved from gwangju to Seoul to support minzy with her training. 8. Minzy went to the same dance company, Millyohrae Joy Dance Academy and Plug In Music Academy, with Bigbang’s Seung Ri, Yunho, and KARA’s Goo Hara.  9.  she was supposed to debut in Japan with May Doni, who left YG. 10. She owns a macbook pro. 11. and she has a Nikon D3000 camera. 12. her uncle Gong Myeong Gyu is a contemporary dancer . 13.  she is a very deep thinker. 14. She has won several dance awards prior to her debut at various dance competitions. 15. Her height is 161cm. 16. her blood type is O. 17. full name is Gong Min-ji. 18. she was known as “the child that G-Dragon adores even more than Seungri” (aka GD’s pet). 19. She was once unconfident of her husky voice. 20. She has a Gundam collection. 21. She loves taking pictures. 22. once she wants to become a photographer. 23. Among the members she is the best in cooking. 24. She has a puppy called dougie. 25. She has twitter -> @mingkki21. 26. She is awesome in dancing. 27. she is releasing MINZYTV video’s, she released already 3 video’s. 28. She sings 24/7 even when theyre not on rehearsals. 29. Yang goon loves her so much he gave her the nickname ‘brilliance’. 30. She has somthimes trouble with understandng lyrics. 31. she loves cross stitching. 32. She is a huge fan of user , She fell in love with Usher when she saw him perform live. “When I saw him, I was thinking to myself, how can a guy be so sexy” – Minzy. 33. she called herself bom junior because her dieting. 34. She cited famous entertainer Michael Jackson as her musical influence. 35. She’s a member of 문미엔 (Moonmien), which stands for “Christian meeting for culture media entertainment workers”. It has small scale worships and prayer meetings. Siwon (Super Junior), Tiffany, Yoona, Hyoyeon & Sooyoung (SNSD), Jungjoon, Kim Junghwa, Yang Donggeun, Kim Soohyun and Ryu Won are also members of 문미엔. 36. She is christian. 37. she is known of her tick lips. 38. she can dance sexy to any song, even when its a children song. 39. she loves to wear sexy clothes. 40. she loves music from the 90′s to the 70′s [even 80’s trot song’s]. 41. she loves to read when she start at somthing she can’t stop or it’s to hard for her. 42. She loves puppies but she scared of dogs. 43. When She had been in YG Entertainment for 6 months, because her voice was naturally very powerful sounding that there was only one or two songs that she couldn’t reach, Minzy sung those songs till she hurt her throat and it landed her in a difficult position. At that time, she wanted to give up, but she received medical attention, practiced speaking again and was able to recover. 44. She is a fan of Black Eyed Peas. She covered Fergie in one of her pre-debut videos before. 45. She loves rock music like Oasis . 46. Minzy is good friends with the YG Dance groups HITECH & CRAZY. 47. she sometimes keeps in contact with IU. 48. she hates scary movies the most. 49. she speaks formally to Bom and Dara. 50. she likes to eat bread and salad. and her favo ice flavor is rocky road. 51. she loves wearing training pants. 52. she know how to knit. 53. the first CD she bought was ‘milkshake’ by kelis . 54. When she is concentrating on someone during a conversation, she tends to lift and push her face towards the speaker. But now, she has fixed that habit a lot. According to Bom, it was a lot worse when she was younger. 55. During her school days, Minzy favourite subjects were Korean language and Physical Education. 56. When she was in Grade 5 & 6, she was the school announcer & class president. 57. In grade 1, for dictation, Minzy got all 100%. In grade 2, she won a prose & poetry prize. In grade 3, a prize in the essay writing contest. In grade 4, a prize in a writing contest. 58. When she was in elementary school she won 1st place in Arts competition. 59. she wants to be a good maknae, and be the legendary, original magnae of YG. 60. she wants to be a singer-songwriter, someone who is good at everything. 61. The first thing that she wants to do when she becomes legal is to get her driver’s license. However, this dorky maknae has no intentions of actually driving. She just wants the license. 62. She once revealed on an interview that if possible, she wants to exchange body with Dara and she will eat a lot without being worried of getting fat. 63. TOP gave her a doll for her birthday with the line “I think i like you”. 64. Her favorite Japanese food is “roll cake”. 65. Her favorite Japanese artist is Koda Kumiko. 66. His Mr. Right is a quiet,handsome and cute man. 67. Her bag always has : her phone, iPad + Givenchy perfume! [ by WORLDWIDEBLACKJACKS ]



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